Discover Your Solution for Local Car Battery Service at Bob Maxey Lincoln, Inc

Despite being an essential part of your vehicle's performance, the car battery often is left behind due to attention behind required elsewhere. As a result, many drivers throughout Detroit are hit with the weight of a dead or damaged battery when they least expect it. Fortunately for our customers and their Lincoln vehicles, the mechanic team at Bob Maxey Lincoln, Inc has their sights set on eliminating any battery issue with our extensive vehicle checkups.

In order to better ensure that the batteries of our local Lincoln owners are running smoothly, we have begun to offer free battery tests from our convenient dealership location. Whenever you're curious, you can make the trip to meet with us at 16901 Mack Avenue to claim a test of your own. If we discover that your battery needs to be replaced, we'll guarantee that your vehicle will be swiftly dealt with and renewed with a new sense of power and vigor to usher the luxurious ride along.

If you're in need or interested to learn more about the life of the battery inside of your trusted Lincoln model, all it takes to get started is a visit with one of our expertly trained mechanics. Once you're here, we'll gladly handle any issues that may stand in our way - so that your Lincoln vehicle can ride just like you expect it to. Don't delay your visit to our Service Center today!

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