Introducing the Lincoln SYNC® 3 Multimedia System

Part of what makes driving a new Lincoln model enjoyable are the technologies that are offered with it. One particular example is the SYNC® 3 multimedia system. Embedded at the center of the dashboard, this unit is the hub for vehicle settings like climate control and music streaming as well as a gateway to greater connectivity. No doubt, modern drivers around Detroit, Michigan, will appreciate this hi-tech gadget!

SYNC® 3 Highlights

As we mentioned briefly, the SYNC® 3 multimedia system serves various purposes. Simplified, it is best described as a convenient tool that keeps you connected. We have outlined some of the ways in which it provides these benefits to you below.


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Getting around Detroit, Michigan, can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the roads, but fear not! The Sirius XM Travel and Traffic Link® will guide you from one destination to the next with ease. It will give you turn-by-turn directions to the locations you desire and provide real-time traffic and weather data to ensure you take the best and fastest route.

What if you could link your home with your new Lincoln car? Well, now you can because SYNC® 3 can integrate with Alexa! Just use the Lincoln+Alexa app and you can utilize Smart Home devices even as you are on the go! Not to mention, this app opens doors to over 30,000 other platforms like Amazon Prime shopping.

Staying safe as you drive is important. That is why the SYNC® 3 multimedia system now available on new Lincoln models is integrated with Voice Recognition. This will allow you to make out-bound calls, select music, and access other functions without taking your eyes off the road.

course, there are times when accidents are unavoidable. Fortunately, the Complimentary 911 Assist® feature has you covered. It will call emergency assistance in your stead via your connected cell phone to ensure you receive aid as soon as possible.


In this day and age, it is common for most people to own a personal device. For it to perform at full capacity, however, a strong internet signal is a must. That is where the Lincoln Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot comes in handy. It will keep the SYNC® 3 multimedia system functioning seamlessly and even emit a 4G LTE connection! Thanks to Android and Apple Support, syncing a compatible phone is even a breeze!

Want to keep track of your vehicle right from your phone? Then the Lincoln Connect app is what you need. Uploaded to your smartphone, this application will enable you to control select vehicle settings remotely, such as the door locks. You can keep track of conditions like fuel level too.

The SYNC® 3 multimedia system also bolsters your listening experience. With SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, you can browse a wider selection of things to listen to-be it your favorite stations or podcasts! Finding the right tune for the trip is easier than ever as a result.

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These are but a handful of the advantages presented by the SYNC® 3 multimedia system, and to make things even better, it receives automatic updates from the manufacturer so the features are always up-to-date. Want to learn more about what this technology can do for Lincoln owners like you? Then feel free to contact us online, call 888-375-1281, or visit us in person at Bob Maxey Ford Lincoln in Detroit, Michigan!