Potholes Take A Tole On Your Vehicle

As winter is coming to an end and more and more potholes are appearing on roads all over Grosse Pointe, Harbor town and Harper Woods and surrounding areas. The repeated freezing and thawing of the past several months has shifted the ground underneath the blacktop and eventually causing the blacktop to crumble; same goes for dirt roads. While we do our best to avoid hitting potholes whenever possible we can't avoid every single one. And many drivers in the Saint Clair Shores area may not be aware of how damaging hitting a pothole at 55 mph can be on your Lincoln. So how much damage can one pothole cause?

Ways Potholes Can Damage Your Lincoln

There are a number of different way that constantly hitting a pothole can damage your Lincoln and include;

  • Tire puncture or blow tire
  • Wheel rim damage
  • Premature wear on shocks and struts
  • Damage or broken suspension
  • Steering system misalignment
  • Alignment issues
  • Damaged undercarriage
  • Exhaust system damage

How To Tell If Your Lincoln Has Been Damaged By A Pothole

Like many Grosse Pointe drivers you have most likely hit a couple of potholes this past winter. What are some ways to tell if your vehicle has fallen victim to pothole damage or to check to make sure that your vehicle hasn't been damaged and is in need of repair?

  • Tires: Your tires may be the easiest to tell if you have suffered from pothole damage. Simply by inspecting the side walls you will be able to see if there are any bulges. If you do have any bulges be sure to bring your Lincoln to the service center here at Bob Maxey Lincoln before your tire blows.
  • Rims: Many rims today are made from aluminum-based materials and are suspect to dents and damage. A pothole can create a deep depression when hit at high speeds and can easily be spotted by inspecting your rims from time to time.
  • Undercarriage: Just like your rims your undercarriage can easily be damaged by hitting a pothole at high speeds. While you can't easily get under the car to see if anything is broken Warren, MI should be able to feel if the car is pulling in a direction or vibrations in the steering wheel. If you aren't sure if your undercarriage may have been damaged bring your Lincoln down to an inspection.
  • Exhaust System: If your exhaust has been damaged by a pothole you will hear strange sounds coming from your exhaust and you will need to bring your Lincoln in for service.

Pothole Damage Prevention Care

There are a couple of different ways Detroit drivers can fight back against potholes this season. The number one way to avoid damaging your Lincoln is to simply avoid potholes and drive slow in areas that are riddled with potholes. The second way drivers can prevent any damage is by making sure that their tires are properly inflated. Over-inflated can cause your tire to blow out while under inflated tires can lead to rim damage by not having enough protection.