How Can I Acquire a New Lincoln? Leasing vs. Financing

If you're looking to drive a new Lincoln luxury car, it's important to consider how you'll pay for it. Waiting around until the last minute could put you in a difficult situation. Luckily, Bob Maxey Lincoln has an expert team of financial advisors that are happy to help Detroit drivers find an affordable car loan or lease plan. If you know going in whether you want to buy or lease, it can save a lot of time at our dealership. Our team may also be able to help Roseville, MI drivers make lower payments with Lincoln incentives or new Lincoln specials. Keep reading to see if purchasing or leasing a vehicle is best for you.

Advantages of Leasing a New Lincoln Luxury Vehicle

If you're yearning for a new Lincoln luxury vehicle, but buying one is beyond your budget, consider a new Lincoln lease. When Saint Clair Shores drivers lease a car, they're only paying for the time they drive it, instead of its full cost, so their monthly payments are lower than they'd be when financing the same vehicle. They're also likely to make a lower down payment and have no upfront sales taxes. People in Warren, MI will also spend less on maintaining the car, because it'll be covered by the factory warranty for the entire lease period.

Benefits of Financing a New Lincoln Car or SUV

If you plan on keeping your luxury car for many years, it may be best to finance it. When you finance a car, you'll eventually own it and no longer make any payments. Grosse Point drivers will like that they can modify the vehicle as they wish and pay no fees for wear and tear. They can also drive the car as much as they want without any mileage penalties. When you finance a vehicle, you can sell it whenever you like or pass it on to a family member when you're done driving it.

These are just a few things people in Detroit should consider when deciding to buy or lease a new Lincoln luxury car. Contact Bob Maxey Lincoln for assistance with your new Lincoln lease or finance plan.