The Updated Model Comes with a Few New Features for 2019

From the outside, the 2019 Lincoln MKZ looks incredibly similar to the 2018 version. Both have a twin-turbo V6 engine and a hybrid option, both are available with all-wheel drive, and both feature a smooth, elegant design. However, there are a few places where the 2019 version outpaces its older sibling, and Bob Maxey Lincoln of Detroit is here to point out some of those differences.

Safety Technology

While both models come equipped with Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ technology, only the 2019 version of the Lincoln MKZ comes standard with adaptive cruise control. This system assists Saint Clair Shores drivers handle heavy traffic in a few key ways. First, you set your desired speed like you would with normal cruise control. Next, you can choose your desired following distance to the vehicle ahead of you, and your Lincoln will slow down to maintain that distance should that vehicle slow down. And if they change lanes or exit the highway, don’t worry, your MKZ will remember your desired following distance the next time you come up behind a slower vehicle. And if Roseville, MI drivers wish to pull out and pass, simply make your lane change and the system will accelerate you to your set speed as long as slower traffic isn’t in front of you.

Interior Materials

While the 2019 Lincoln MKZ was a luxurious sedan for Warren, MI drivers, several high-end materials are now available that weren’t on the 2018 version. The Savannah leather seats available to Grosse Pointe drivers weren’t an option a year ago, and the real wood inlays are now available in a few different colors to give you more control over your interior aesthetic.


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