What's old will become new again. Michigan Central Station was once a hub of hope and commerce in metro Detroit until it was closed in 1988. It has sat abandoned since then for almost 30 years until now. Ford has announced that they have purchased the station intending to turn it into a Mobility Lab.

The newly renovated station will be the focal point of Ford's Corktown campus that will create about 5,000 jobs. The Mobility Lab will be staffed by about 2,500 employees with another 2,500 that will work in the building from their business partner with a targeted reopening happening in 2022.

The collapse of Michigan Central Station has long been considered one of the iconic images of Detroit's decay despite surviving a call for demolition by the City Council. That enduring spirit is something Ford hopes it can channel to the entire city of Detroit, that can hopefully become a call for unity.

This is an exciting time for Ford and the city of Detroit. It's one thing to blow it all up and start over, but it's another to respect the history of such an important region of the country by maintaining such an important landmark. It's something that doesn't happen every day, so hats off to Ford for taking the risk to make it happen.

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