Prepare for Winter with These Tips!

As the last leaves drift from the trees and you bundle up a little tighter to stave off the chill, it becomes clear that no, winter hasn't forgotten us this year. It's on its way, ready to present new challenges for you and your vehicle. Between turning your commute into a slippery obstacle course and doing a number on some of your car's most crucial components, winter certainly doesn't do much to make driving any easier, but there are a few steps you can take to prepare. Here are a few winter preparedness tips to help you get through the cold and snow:

Assemble a Winter Survival Kit

Now is the perfect time to update your roadside emergency kit with a few extra items like a shovel, ice scraper, blankets, road salt, and extra warm clothing.

Check Your Battery

Car batteries and cold weather don't mix well. We encourage you to bring your vehicle to our service center for a volt test to make sure that your car's battery can make it through the winter without dying and leaving you stranded in the cold. We can also perform a battery replacement if need be.

Maintain Your Lights

Driving in winter typically means spending a lot of time in the dark, so making sure your lights are up to snuff is essential. Replace spent bulbs before winter hits, restore foggy lights, and be sure to brush any snow off your headlights before driving to make sure that you have as much light as possible when you're on the road.

Keep an Eye on Your Tires

Dropping temperatures tend to take tire pressure down with them, so we recommend keeping an eye on your tires and filling them up as needed to maintain proper pressure and avoid premature tire wear. Tire pressure will climb up again as the weather warms up, so don't forget to let a little air out in the spring. If you need winter tires installed or you just need a trained eye to check on the current state of your tires, we can help!

Visit Our Service Center!

If you need more tips on winter preparedness or you would like to schedule a service appointment, feel free to reach out to us at our dealership!

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